Recalibrate…now Recognise!

Last year I heard the Lord say to me it was a year of Re-calibration.
Which has spread into this year also…and I sure got that….

To re-calibrate means to bring back to ‘it’s baseline’. When you re-calibrate a thermometer, it brings it back to Oc or as close as possible. I certainly felt at ‘naught’ for much of the year…neither moving forward nor backward, just in a ”holding pattern”; but looking back it was quite an amazing place to be. He held me there for His good purposes…and I surrendered to His firm grip on me…what else to do?

This season is changing and very rapidly…and I am hearing Recognise and Recognition.

It is at His feet, and staying there that we recognise He is ”all to me” and indeed I am naught without Him.

“Apart from me you can do nothing” Jesus said (John 15:5)

Is it even important that I “do” anything? He showed me that it wasn’t at all important to Him, that I “do” anything…even and especially during the time of ‘re-calibration’ but beyond that, He loved me no matter the ”do”….it was all about me knowing the Who and not doing the ”do”.  

So, even and especially now, still recognising that I can do nothing apart from Him…and that the ‘do’ is still not His main theme aim for me…

As a side story, one day I was talking to the Lord about a need and was wondering how He might work that out for me…I found myself dreaming of ways that He could do it…(trying to help God out I guess….lol!)  and in the midst of my musings (thankfully!) I heard these words: “It’s not the H..O..W that’s important…rearrange the letters….it’s the W..H..O.”

WOW….so good You are to me God…immediately I was once again captivated by His dedication to bringing the answer to me in the complete package of Himself…the Great I AM….the WHO of all my days – now this is Glorious News!

Now when I start thinking of how He will answer…I remember He is the WHO of the answer and that is entirely up to Him how He does it…I will be totally and completely delighted in Him as He is in me!

This is the Who and the How of recognising He is actively involved in every single part of my life…and He alone deserves recognition for all of it.  He was and is and is to come – Hallelujah!

URLOVD like this too!




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