Conflict increasing…

I do not like conflict…neither internal nor external.

Although somehow, the conflict that rages both inside and outside, is the very catalyst that brings us to a Higher place in God.

Perhaps we perceive and conceive in our minds ‘eye’ that God is only a God of Peace and Well-Being all the time…and that His Grand Plan is that we also only experience that. When we are not, then we must be outside of His Best for us….Really?

My Bible reads: “In this world you will have trouble, but take courage…” John 16:33

We must realise that conflict is not necessarily of ‘the devil’ nor of ourselves and our own fleshly desires, nor even as the result of sin; ours or someone’s else’s…

We are living in times where conflict is ever present and I sense that, in this atmosphere, it is actually easier than ever before to discern what this is about…

Over the past couple of weeks especially, I have noticed as I have engaged in conversation with people, an almost tangible presence of a ‘flaming sword’ that divides….it has appeared in the form of conflict and stayed until the ‘parties’ have separated. Whether that conflict is in words, movements, attitudes, body language…it’s not one thing to pinpoint – it’s all of those things and more…and quite evidently, it is by the Spirit, that these things are revealed very clearly.  

God in His wisdom, makes known to us, what is obvious to Him! He takes time to communicate even the finer details…never with-holding: like the latest fast breaking news flash – He keeps us up to date and in the loop constantly. We are not inconspicuous to Him and He never overlooks us.  His eyes are always on us, like a doting and proud parent, cheering us on at every breathe taken and drawn from Him. He knows who are His and like a Lion protecting His pride, veraciously, intensely and intently protecting His own.  

This is the conflict that is present…His Awesome Protection!



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