It’s a challenging thing to accept that at times we ‘believe’ something that isn’t actually true or the whole Truth anyway….
For many years it’s been my heart and focus to be involved whole-heartedly in the local church. As a family we have moved a few times over the past 14 years and that has meant we have also considered it a privilege to become a part of various churches wherever we have lived, to be a part of the local family of God. It is one of the greatest Joy’s in life, to walk with like-minded people, to share each others joys and sorrows, to encourage, to provoke each other towards God and to empower one another for each new step forward.
On this journey of life, it’s also a challenge, as well a great thing, to recognize that perhaps we don’t have it ”all together” and to be willing and honest enough about that with each other for the purpose of learning, changing and achieving the Purpose that we have been given to achieve here on earth. At the Gatekeepers Singapore conference I recently attended, it became glaringly obvious to me, that I have been believing something that isn’t entirely true…I have had a ”sense” of it however, now, having heard words put to it, I now know what needs to happen within me….and also through me. More coming…challenged to find the words, speak the Truth and be changed by it. URLOVD!

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