Gifts Differing…Mandate the same!

I am so glad for gifts differing…and also for the fact that we all have a calling to ‘do’ the work of the Kingdom.

What I mean is that according to scripture, we are all to go into the world and make disciples, no matter the gifts each one has.

If there is ever any question mark about what gift or gifting one or another has, this is the Great Leveler: we are all given the SAME mandate, and with varying gifts, none are better or worse, greater or lesser. Some are upfront or more public and others are ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak – but all are necessary. As in the body analogy: “is the eye greater than the ear?” and so on.

All parts are necessary for the proper healthy functioning of the whole Body and if one part is sick or weak, the rest of the body will suffer and needs to assist that part to complete recovery. This is so that the body can do it’s job properly.

Does the body know what it’s job is? If the Body is so consumed with looking after itself – it could become quite inward focused and self-centered or if it is only outward focused it could jeopardize it’s overall health. It’s a matter of balance and knowing what the Body is made for.

So then, knowing your gifts is important – knowing calling and purpose this is fundamental to the Body functioning properly, otherwise the different parts will ‘think’ they are of more importance. The mandate for the entire Body – every single part is of the Greatest importance and is the common purpose for which the Body is able to live, move and have it’s being….it is the unifying Truth.

When the Body is healthy, aware and focused on that One purpose – talking and walking together growth, expansion and health prevail; growing into it’s full potential and maturity. That then, will fulfill the mandate of ‘the purpose’ of the Body, of making disciples of all nations and ALSO of the fulfillment that the Bride is being made ready for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

That is so cool….Gifts Differing working together to fulfill the Mandate and culminating in the Wedding Feast – Awesome! Hallelujah!

~ Shelley Weeks

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