What ‘sound’ are we making?

Gifts are wonderful, however they really do not come near to the Greatness of RELATIONSHIPS.
The one, quite often a resounding gong…
The other something so Divine,
that SYMPHONY and Harmony
only begin to describe…

There is a sound, like no other, so pure and true
Of another that walks alongside of you
Walking together…sharing the load, as well, the joys of life.

As disciples of Jesus, we also see that no matter what He has placed in our hands
Is really for the benefit and connection to another,
Our sisters and our brothers, to build up in most Holy Faith,
and we see that the strongest bond is not the gifts,
as at the time, might seem ‘swell’
It’s the relationships and being together,
looking straight in each others eyes
looking deep into another’s life to see that Christ does dwell..
and singing together, with clarity, “it is well…with my soul”
knowing that each gap is filled – there is no hole,

No gift can do that alone, not come close..no words nor shout.

Only choices and time to build great relations
This is the stuff that changes our NATIONS!

1 Corinthians 13 Plenty there to go on with…see you soon!


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