Being built up…in gifts differing.

Focusing on the Giver means we will acknowledge Him in the Gifts and He will be Exalted.

Gifts are meant to build each other up. I have discovered that sometimes this does not happen. It isn’t necessarily because of the one exercising the gift…it could be that those that listen or see the gift being expressed, are not willing to acknowledge the Giver of all good Gifts. Perhaps there are comparisons going on, as to who has the greater gift…this is tragic…but it happens. Those that are meant to be built up may actually miss or even ignore it.
Let us focus on the Giver…and we will receive all that He has to give through His Body, as each part functions to it’s optimum.

As a Body, being confident in this, that each one, with gifts differing and over everything, we put on Love, then we are and will continue to be built up in our Most Holy Faith and as Living Stones, being united together in Him who is over ALL.

All the more as we see the day approaching…

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