Who is she?

A woman of little to no means
with three small children,
Who is she? to think that God would speak
through her of His Great Love….
Who is she to dream, imagine or think that He has a plan and purpose
for her life…a separated wife,
perhaps, some think – too much strife!
How could God use her or them?
and yet she reaches, stretching forth, with trembling hand
Just to touch the edge of His garment hem…

And His Power comes into me
I am delivered, saved and set free!
to live, move and have my being in Him
made whole, complete, a life no longer grim,

He opens wide the door and now
A step of faith…and then another
Each shaky step of legs just moving
Means one step more to take and faith arising
What a journey, what greatest Joy, a life fullfilled
overflowing, uncontainable, spilling over
for all to see…

He is the God of the orphan, widow, weak and weary
Of all who come without one plea,
He is my Savior, my God – is He!

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