Establish the work of our hands…

I receive almost every day, requests from people in many lands for assistance of all kinds. The most requests are for help in establishing a new church or children’s program and one recently for sponsorship to evangelise in the western world. Most definitely all these are heart felt pleas. They are cries of the deepest parts of us who sense a high calling on our lives, to serve the one True Living God…with what we identify within us, as the gifts He has given to serve Him in certain ways. My heart joins with them and I am truly blessed by the willingness and desire of each one, to ‘step out’ into those things.

As I have and continue to discover, no ‘man’ can establish the work of our hands, but God alone can. There may well be projects, programs or problems that I sense to direct some resources towards…to be part of bringing forth a Divine Solution however….

It is very clear to me today, that the Greatest investment any of us can make is INVOLVEMENT in a persons journey. Walking alongside them, listening and really hearing their heart…and as well, tuning in to hear God’s heart in and for them. This type of ‘listening’ is not so common…this type of ‘walking’ is desperately needed in the Body of Christ today.

The simplest explanation I can give in this is; that as we Love one another this way, God shows His ways and makes a way.

We are His disciples and are also called to make disciples. Let us then, be discipling one another also….provokng each other towards God in the way we live, move and have our being in Him. This will mean also, that we expose our lives to each other on levels we haven’t before…that is challenging because we so like to ”hide” from each other…

If we appear ‘weak’ then some may think we are not relying on the Lord. If we are ‘strong’ then some may think we do not need their help. Either way, it ‘seems’ there is an absence of true Love, compassion and acceptance…or putting it another way, we are simply way too busy for each other. Engaging ‘in’ and with each others lives is REALLY living! “Weep with those that are weeping, rejoice with those that rejoice” Rom 12:15

Being busy with ‘the ministry’ is such a poor excuse for living an abundant life with each other. I will, in every way possible, support others, in life abundant, by living life together!

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