Lightening another’s load…

To whom can I share my sorrows and who will share the weight of my burdens, even for a little while? Even words shared with friends seem like ‘sand in their face’ or ‘gravel in their mouth’ which returns to me in like manner. Who am I to justify or verify or multiply the sorrows of another? What must my reply be? But to be as silent as I can in the midst…speak not a retort or reply, but choose only Mercy and Love to return upon them. For is there any understanding?…has any other entered or carried this exact same burden? How then can another know or be as comfort to me? But only in our own sorrows and burdens really know and then travel along the path within another one’s trials…or perhaps, willingness to travel, without reason or interpretation, just be?
It is a quandary and yet my heart knows…at some point, His comfort reaches out to me…even then, my friends are questioning, ‘why do you wear such Joyful face” and if I would tell them, I waited ‘for you’ to reach out your hand…and in long time passing…did not proffer..then Who else to turn, where else to go and what Joy to be had..yet still, I know, there is more in Him and also, those one’s that hold His Affections also, within their hands, yet withhold…sadly, for what reason I do not know and surely may never…alas, I determine, “O Lord that I would watch your face for your smile and direction to reach out my hands with your Affections without hesitation, fear or delay and know, these…Your hands, Your arms and Your Protection for one that is carrying a heavy load, that they may they not waver or fall under such strain and stress, but ligthened be their load and duress, because of my willingness…His Blessings flow! Bring Glory to your name alone O’Lord!”

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