The Give and Take of Offense

I can give and take an offense…sometimes I am aware that I have offended someone and therefore I do my utmost to make amends; to seek forgiveness and make things ‘right’ where I am able. There are times others take offense and I am unaware and therefore am unable to do anything about it. We may have an inkling that something is not quite right, but we must not second guess or
‘try’ and figure out what ‘we have done’…that is a waste of good time. It is each one’s responsibility to live at peace with one another, as much as is possible. If we are offended, there are easy steps to clear the air – go to your brethren and correct in love…and so on…if we are not willing to do this, then it is us that ‘has taken and holds the offense’ and therefore our Father in Heaven is also unable to forgive us, as we hold unforgiveness. It can be challenging to go to another person and ‘have it out’ however, to fear such interactions is a far more torturous place also..and it is a choice to be FREE or not. What is the worst that can happen? It is not unto death after all and I assure you will lead to life and life more abundantly. Let us be free of holding an offense by taking steps towards that person and clearing the decks for something better and greater, total Freedom! URLOVD and Worth that much!

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