Inner Life

We can be in a state of ‘feeling’ every little thing or feeling nothing. In both cases it’s a good indication that we need healing of deep wounds. We are able to both ‘make more alive’ the pain of injury and also deaden it, by ignoring or suppressing it. Either way there is only One Way to get it sorted out…we require inner healing from the Hand of God. His Gracious Presence will soften the hardest hearts and solidify the ‘runniest yoke’ of our internal world…whichever is required at the time. This is impossible to fathom or understand with the intellect and is purely the work of the Comforter, Healer, Restorer and Lover of our souls. He Delights in us this much to know every minuet detail within us and makes His Presence known in our inner most beings…that is Truly our Delight also…to know Him there – Pure Joy!

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