NO cover-up policy..

To know ourselves well enough…is to accept ourselves and therefore we are able to accept others – is truly a place of Freedom. This is how we can also know that in any and all circumstances, the Love of God is always towards and for us…and that this is also true, for everyone.

I have discovered also, that if I am fearful of another person it is usually because of my ‘reactions’ to them and not them that I’m am actually fearful of. It is that part of me that doesn’t want to come to the surface and be seen or revealed…that yukky or ugly bit of me that in fact, must be revealed in order that I can really see it and deal with it for Good! While it is hidden it is not able to be addressed…when it is out in the open, then I can see it, admit it, and address it.

It’s a NO COVER UP policy…and we need people around us that are courageous and wise enough to understand that process in others and themselves also. As we do this together, we will see some wonderful changes taking place…far deeper connections and relationships developing that simply could not happen any other way. As we are this honest, we will be able to walk in exceedingly greater authority than we ever have before…because we are no longer ‘in hiding’ or ‘protection mode’ or fearful or angry or any other thing that would try to stop the progress of the Kingdom of God, on earth as it is in Heaven.

I am becoming less surprised by my own and others reactions…as I realise the process MUST occur and we need to respond to each other in Love and Grace. Navigating the situation, circumstance, issues or individual armed with this knowledge will enable us to walk further and grow stronger together!

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