Be family – that will change culture!

If it is our intention to be culture changers…bringers of transformation into our communities, our cities and our nation and beyond to other nations…what changes and transformation is occurring right where you are? What is happening in your midst? Within your personal life? your family life? your church life? your town or city? Start where you are…take stock of how things are right now and what you can do and are doing to bring a positive influence. How about on a Sunday morning…who are you greeting?….the same people…doing the same things?…
Stretch yourself a bit – every single week in that area and then some more…and transformation will begin it’s work in you, through you and outward…that’s how change happens – from the inside out! It won’t happen if you don’t do anything different…
What’s happening on Sunday’s at church?
How do we greet each other and people we don’t know yet?
In regards to ”greeting” people…some people say:
‘Oh, that’s just not my gifting’ or ‘I’m an introvert’ or
‘We have door greeters for that.’ or ‘I don’t want newcomers to feel swamped or uncomfortable’. Come on people…stop with the excuses already: be cheerful, be authentic and be yourself. People will warm to you. Go on, just do it..welcome and embrace people no matter how uncomfortable you or they might feel. You will not scare people off with being “too” you!
This is “Class 101 in Basic Human Interaction and Communication” CONNECT with one another. Families do that! In their own homes, they say hello, goodbye, embrace, give eye contact, talk/listen, exchange stories and so on…are we not family? Let’s show each other and those that come near, whether in church, at work, anywhere…we are happy to CONNECT…and yes, there is a reason to do so: to show this: URLOVD!

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