Is fear the enemy to faith?

We’ve heard the saying many times: ‘Fear is the enemy to faith’
I do not belief that is so..and present below three ‘types’ or explanations on fear..
1) Fear as the enemy to faith: Perfect Love casts out fear….that then tells me, that fears enemy is Love! For anything that does the casting out, is more powerful and able to be rid of whatever is less so. Love is so much more powerful than fear!
Our faith is rooted, established and made perfect in Jesus, who is God’s Son and is Love personified. Fear can actually be a ‘force’ moving us towards God; His Love and Power, in order that we no longer live in fear – for it is cast out.
OK, I know, the argument can be told for both sides, fear can cause us to run away from God…but that is to say; that we do not know Him and His Love and therefore it is not so much the fear that causes us to runaway, but our personal choice to NOT run towards Him…that is not the fault of fear to negate the choice of ‘faith’ and to believe…that is deliberate and willful sin.
2) The fear of God: Living in a Holy and reverential fear, is as the psalmist says: “Cast me not away from thy presence O God, take not thy Holy Spirit from me.” the thought of not being near God, is a ‘fearful thought’, unimaginable, the withdrawing of His mercies and kindness..which keeps us ever close to Him.
3) Fear at the Presence of God: that is of the Presence and Holiness of the Lord. This to me, is more aptly described as ‘awesome wonderment’ and can manifest as being ‘struck dumb’ and speechless…there is a knowledge of the Holy One. He is Holy and we are to be Holy as He is…His Presence makes us so.
Let us not interpret ‘fear’ in a way that makes God unreachable, untouchable and unknowable. Fear is no enemy…for this would give the impression that it has power over us..though it will, only in as much as we let it. Perfect Love, at work within us – is much more Powerful than anything else, in Heaven or on earth or under the earth. God is Love! Our enemies, of any kind, have been crushed and are under our feet, subject to His Holy, Righteous, Almighty Love, so we can, without fear and come boldly into His Presence with great confidence!

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