Who are you….really?

Who are you? How do you define yourself? Is it your job? Marital status…single or married? How many children you have? The suburb you live in? Where you come from? What church you go to and your gifts and ministry? Bank balance? What your dreams and plans are? WHO are you really?  God has told us who He is….God is Love!

Defining ourselves by Who He is has countless benefits and endless possibilities.

It can be challenging to define ourselves by “who” we are rather than what we do because we are so used to talking about ‘what we do’.  Talking and interacting with others about what we do, does give us a chance to know something about each other for sure…getting past the do…to the ‘who are you really?’ can be a bit more challenging. That takes some effort… This is the difference between building relationships with people rather than gathering info about them. It’s the difference between casual acquaintance and developing a friendship. Or keeping comfortable in existing ‘circles’ and extending ourselves to include others. It comes down to this…are we really interested in expanding our own ‘small’ world and above all, expanding the Kingdom of God? That is what this means to me…and no matter what your current circumstances are, the opportunity to build relationships is always before us…at home, at work, in all the things we ‘do’…there is always an opportunity to show who we are, in who we live and WHO’s we are. “It’s no longer I that liveth, but Christ that liveth in me” Gal 2:22 URLOVD and so are they!

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