5 questions..no reply.

Very strange to ask 5 questions and get no reply at all…
Yet ask not one and granted all that needs in matter see,
From none a bearing witness of Thy Love they be,
Those that have eyes may look but do not see,
those that do not have, but what they do, is free.
Stranger occurrence…keeps coming with no sense to me.
For only One overall, the knowing in completeness
what needs, requests and all that in my hand is His,
this also shows, that all supply and goodness flowing
comes perhaps surprising, not from the house of our own knowing,
But his true hand and guiding be, in simplicity of those most willing
This is His goodness and great Love so overflowed and spilling.

Sweet Nectar…Liquid Love be spilled!

From a weak vessel, in the form of weakness but, found in Strength by His will. Prepared ahead, before the beginning, with and in God was formed and is even still now found, for the display of His Glory and at one with Him. As like this vessel, is to carrying of a liquid, a Nectar for the drinking of those that would partake, by definite choice and then thirst still more, for more. As this vessel and vessels then are filled innumerably and constantly beyond the counting and each time all the sweeter the Juice of Divine Love given freely that they may drink and also those that are thirsty come. Then in this life, of jostling of the vessels, a moment; deliberate or not, some of this ‘sweet Nectar’ contained within was to be splashed or spilled, that is for those nearby, would taste and see His Goodness and thirst also and all the more be captivated by just a finger dipped in the Sweetness of His Love; for them too and so completely also. Indeed vessels so fragile and seeming incomplete, yet not, enough of use for carriage of this Liquid Love, to be bumped and spilled out, even poured out this purpose only, above all other things. Without a thought for placement or positioning, the ‘here or there’ of His doing and direction. Settled in that then, a step or not, neither right or wrong but at Peace and Rest the vessel fit for Holy Purpose be. Perhaps finding a rough or smooth road, nonetheless, but chance to spill and splash His Sweetness at every step. As in too, this one could not find even crumbs, but only that the others find much more, so that they drink deeply and find and be satisfied like never before and spoiled only for Him, from that moment on. For this is what His Sweetness does and we can no longer drink of any other fountain for it is now beyond bitter to the taste.
~ Shelley Weeks