Applying salve..

No man wills to go, into places of his brother’s life, of dry and cragginess – being offensive of all senses. God wills that we be willing, even bold enough to go, delivering such His salve of many Graces. Yet He, no hesitation only hastens be, all the more…to fill in all fullness of Himself. Therein too, all satisfaction be so evident, that brothers be enlightened, nay helped too, as this one goes where no other yet has feared to tread; carrying self-same Salve for soul ahungering in dry desolates places. For now, no fear at all abides to traverse that narrow entryway, for Grace has walked this way, nay not so entered in as yet, but now, with simple humble servant to deliver His adew. The beginning just to show and apply, that this Salve is the beginning of His flow of Liquid Love and door be open for much more, of endless flow.

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