Inside processes belies..

That I would feel you God and sense you, see you even, closer and nearer to Thee; but if I don’t, that I would ‘know you’ and this knowing be enough..that we are oned together, from beginning of time til there is no end…for this is so, the Truth and Grace, Mercy, Goodness and Kindness…there is no wrath or seperation; that notion to depart..begone forever, no matter what befall.


The ‘inside’ processes belies the outward machinations…as clothes hang from a body, with no life in them at all. The internal world, the environment and organics of all that underpins the external world, the Great deposit sits within and we may never know, yet may we continue to discover the fullness within….with Greatest Care and Deepest Delight…for this is Life itself, and Love to grew in and shew.


Another paradox:
In busyness we can be at Rest
and in Rest we achieve the very most and best work!
Is work apart from Rest – achieving anything at all?
Which comes first…the work or rest?
In each, they are visible, yet are they truly indivisible?
…head pain…I know!
Must get some rest…or should I work instead?

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