Patient in my impatience be..

Is it possible to be my ‘impatience’?
Such a ‘tugofwar’…truly most ruthless and unruly,
Tyrannical and diabolical it’s outcome hoves to be…
So holding on to this, in NOW
and time alone and God speed brings
what in His serendipity…we’ll see,
Not knowing isn’t really so hard,
If resting and to Him give and letting,
all in His hands so replete
Confident and trusting,
in thought and deed sublime
it’s does, though oft times look..
so ridiculous: “Am I blind?”
But ”NO!” I must reply to self,
in quick and hasten be,
A quiet gentle whisper is the pleasure waiting me,
If to this stillness I ‘steel myself away’,
where no mere mortal nor animal to nay,
I that sweet place, of ”nothingness” and space,
What my soul is hungering the most…not time, not deed, nor direction heed,
But only my Lord’s sweetest look of welcome, upon His face,
and then to flounce into His arms and rest, His strong arms do embrace,
What Joy and ecstasy…abounding more and more…
Just when I thought the best would be; to walk right out the door.

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