Key carriers…

Deep friendships are this…a gift, as yet, truly known or plumbed by the majority. The beginnings, belies the Greatness of the ‘walking in it.’ There are a few that hold the key and with willingness and tender steps; we’ll see all the more a Beauty Body-full of these.
The Source, the Key and in the door unlock, hearts hurting then all at once made whole in Him again…may we be the Key carrier’s…indeed!
Show us Lord, hearts to be unlocked, with more delights in store for thee and them, to partake, digest and to invest for many others, do same take time and do divest.

The Wonder-Meant of friends!

A most delicious truth: the close and deeper we attend to His Presence, the more we so enjoy too, the nearness of our brothers ..that God doesn’t rent more space between us; His very Presence melts away the gaps.
In the nearerness to Him…yet breaks down every dividing wall between ‘his members’ and all the more – He LOVES to share.
This is something of very significant importance…we are being made to we can show the way, for others in this type of fellowship. Since we know it is so lacking, for fear or dread of; I do not know non-acceptance or judgments from another brother, but this is not His best intentions. This is, that NO FEAR abide between us…for He abides right there. At first, it may seem ‘uncomfortable’ and most fearful a thing, to expose oneself wholly in this manner to another, but only that we have laid bare and naked before our Maker – we have nothing whatsoever to hide. For we are found and hid in Him and therefore, Free indeed, to be exactly who we are: me to you to be!
Indeed I am, a little ‘snippet’ to you, a glimpse of His dear Kind and most amazing creativity and you to me. And in this, we see Him assuredly and clear and in Wonder-Meant we look and look and delight we truly share: He is in you and in me too, no distance to compare.
Now – knowing this, too, for this same Love is not for us to hold, yet we behold indeed, the Gloriousness and what are we to do?…
Yet share and share it all the more, that others would enjoy, the Richness of deep fellowship in Love…Oh to be told!