We are healing…by choice

We are healing…individually and collectively from our grieving held in so long.
Of past offense, of present tension, of futures unknown and unexpressed.
Our children now, early on, no need to unlearn our crazy ways,
of pent up unexpressed imaginngs and dreams never given wings.
For now we are, giving wings to these butterflies,
of multi-colours once held back by all kinds of reasoning’s and not thinking
it was due season
to release all of who we are
but waiting for a ‘permission slip’ to bid us leave of all duties meant to perform first,
as if, we were, some well-trained circus animals
even they have amnesty before us, yet still we hold ourselves in bars of prisons,
only now, realising, self-imposed, yet once, we thought was our place, to be seen and not heard.
After toiling hard and long and for returns of nothing much at all,
but to think only, that this what we’re here for, entitled to but pittance of a life and living…giving all for it was told.
We’re given and now, how grateful we are, for not feeling the sacrifice of parentage before.

Strange as it is, our gratitude bespeaks now…
in all our creative nature released to Be..
Even more, than those before.
Not in tones of higher or better or sanctimonious impotence…not at all,
For gratitude and gratefulness that stage was set and all the more,
The players of theatre now, equipped and seen in their splendor and radiance all the more…
Not hidden, not barred, nothing to withhold.
It’s now we know that all before, was setting on the floor, the linoleum for more…
For self expression unseen
And now, the shame of ages gone, we do not rightly own,
Our standing on this shore – of no regrets,
Of one and all, together, is the greater road.
At times it’s crowded and we must choose our path,
With many voices and constant uproar,
Our choices so many…
And we are raw,
This territory ever expanding at speeds we’ve not endured before.
It is then, also of choice, for path and road, as with river and creek,
We choose our speed at every turn.
Not blinded by our haste, a want to arrive, yet knowing,
The stiller brook has many and much more in store.
The fastest highway imparts, all for the thrill,
That is enough
Or everyday a choice we can depart.
No matter slow or fast, expansion is our path.
The maps we’ve used are from days gone by
And territories still uncharted cast…
Our eyes to further greener fields,
In due course and time.
Meanwhile to refine
The Stillness,
That Awe and Wonder

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